Muddytown: A Town Cleans Up


copyright 2015 © Lisa Honeycutt


Once there was a muddy town

where animals who drove down

muddy streets on muddy wheels

splashed mud on their neighbors’ meals.


Mud was in soup and in their tea

and in the places no mud should be.

They weren’t taught to take a shower

so they drove about smelling sour.


Laughing, they would say, “You smell!”

Soon everyone would begin to yell.

Alas, it seemed there was no hope

that they would ever wash with soap.


Mud was itchy and made them scratch,

the town was like a fighting match.

For everyone felt so itchy and mean

they’d start the biggest fights ever seen.


And their cars, their trucks, oh, what a sight!

Walking down the road was a fright!

For these machines coming down the path

looked like monsters who’d skipped their bath.


Then to town one day came a pair

of pigs, in white, so clean and fair.

Riding a bicycle made for two

Causing quite a hullabaloo


“What is this?” folks asked, pointing to white.

“Where is the mud? Can this be right?”

The pigs rode their bike and found a spot

which, with money they’d saved, they bought.


They brought with them soap, sponges and pails,

brushes, a hose, paint, hammer and nails.

They painted a sign large in size

and so began to advertise.


They shouted to a big muddy bear,

“Excuse me, dear fellow! Hey, you there!

Consider a bath...let us wash your car,

this is called soap, let us sell you a bar!”


Bear was the meanest critter ever seen

yet even he considered getting clean.

Ah! Free of the mud and scratches,

smelling clean, no more itchy patches.


He scratched his head and scratched his fur,

frowned and let out a low “Grrrrr.”

He reached for his wallet for money to factor

and paid for a bath for him and his tractor.


With soap and water they filled up the tub,

with a brush the bear started to rub.

While Bear got clean, the pigs got to work,

scrubbing and buffing the tractor from murk.


After the bath, the bear was so pleased

that each of the pigs, he gently squeezed.

The tractor had a great gleaming shine,

and Bear said, “That looks mighty fine!”


In the driver’s seat happy and proud

Bear was singing and shouting aloud:

“A bath has made me happy, my friends!

It’s time to see that this fighting ends.


“Look at my beautiful fur, you see…

that being clean is the way to be!”

One by one his neighbors came

hoping they would feel the same.


They brought their cars and their bicycles,

tractors, bulldozers, trucks and tricycles.

They certainly were a dirty bunch,

so the pigs worked and skipped their lunch.


Animals sat and scrubbed and scoured

in a bathtub, though many showered.

Some took a bath filled with bubbles.

Relaxing, they forgot their troubles. 


The animals, now clean, were amazed,

when at the vehicles they now gazed.

They saw red, green, blue, yellow, white…

colors they’d never seen so bright.


They happily paid the pigs their fee

and jumped into their vehicles with glee.

They went away a merry crew

friends again, no more trouble to brew.


The pigs were able to slow their pace,

now Muddytown was a happier place.

And at the end of their long day,

the pigs decided they would stay.



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All images © 2019 by Lisa Honeycutt. All rights reserved.