Preschool Let's Play!


copyright 2015 © Lisa Honeycutt


Come in! Come in! Oh, please don’t cry!

I know you have to say goodbye.


They’ll be back just wait and see

So come along and play with me!


Let’s go put your bag away

Here’s the hook where it will stay


Circle up and snack on grapes

Look at numbers, letters, shapes


Play a game of duck, duck goose

Snuggle with a fuzzy moose


Scoop and pail to pile up sand

Trucks and blades to shape the land


Think of pictures you can draw

Here’s some juice and here’s your straw


Grab some paper, cut a crown

Glue some macaroni down


Play with trains or stack some blocks

Look at all our funny socks


Go to music, sing a song

Play a banjo, bang a gong


Oh! It’s late! Go park your trucks

Stack your books, put up your ducks


Here’s your mom and here’s your dad

Tell them how much fun you had 


What a busy, busy day!

Come back soon and then we’ll play!


Preschool Let's Play!


copyright 2015 © Lisa Honeycutt

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