The After Christmas Blues


copyright 2015 © Lisa Honeycutt




It seems we are a bit let down

Since Santa Claus has left our town


Don’t get me wrong, we sure had fun, 
But it appears to be all done


So what can we look forward to?
These days I’m feelin’ sorta blue


We marked each day off with a dash
Then Christmas Eve went like a flash


With snowy shows upon the screen
….that cold stuff I have rarely seen


And Grinch and elves and reindeer, too
The TV glaring red, green, blue


We looked for Rudolf, Santa Claus
And listened out for reindeer paws


Put milk and cookies on a plate
Then went to bed so we could wait


We fell asleep, then Claus was gone
We opened up our gifts at dawn


With paper, trim and tape to tear
…I unwrapped green underwear


We had to wait and wait and wait
For presents that were really great


But they were opened in a rush
And now our joy has turned to mush


Our toys are fun, there is no doubt
But what will make us scream and shout?


Our home once gave us pure delight,
with garlands, bows and lights so bright


But now the floor’s filled up with junk
With wrapping paper, toys and gunk 


The Christmas tree has now turned brown
The needles brittle, falling down


Sis bumped the lights, they always blink
It’s time to take them down, I think


The nutcracker has lost his hat
Those feathers…I suspect the cat


There were three wise men, now there’s two
This place has turned into a zoo


And that’s not all, I’ll have you know
The leftovers have got to go


I cannot stand another meal
Of ham and yams with orange peel


Seems Mom won’t cook ‘til it’s all gone
Thank goodness for our dog, Bonbon


Three days ago I loved this song
it was the one I played so long


But now-a-days this Christmas tune
just makes me nutty as a loon


Our Christmas elf has gone away
We look for her, still, everyday


Her mischief always made us stare
But now her shelf has been left bare


My batteries have all run down
Seems all I do all day is frown


With more and more days off of school
I’m sleeping in, while drenched in drool


I’ve worn pajamas two days straight
My bedroom floor is in a state


I haven’t combed my hair in days
Mom’s had it with my lazy ways


My mom says my complaints must stop
I’m quiet as I take the mop


Ain’t no more stars or Christmas glee
No rockin’ round the Christmas tree


My mom is packing it all up
the wreaths and bells…my Santa cup


The tissues, bows and ornaments
the Christmas tin with all the dents


Into the attic it will go
With nothing filling days of woe


May never eat ‘nother candy cane
And now it even looks like rain.


But wait…what’s that? Is that a flake?
Could that be SNOW for goodness sake?


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