about me

When I was five, when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I had one answer…artist. At that age, being an artist meant drawing pictures of little girls and animals and houses and unicorns and rainbows and balloons. 


When I was twelve, my excellent English teacher continually pulled my writing from the pile to read to the class. An idea began to form. Perhaps I was a writer, too. 


In high school I became fascinated with children’s literature and left for college with plans to be an illustrator. College gets confusing, though. Along the way, I became a graphic designer, copywriter and marketer. I put away my dreams of being an artist. I worked in corporate environments, ad agencies, design studios, and a publisher. Eventually, I started Strongbox Studio and provided my services to clients. 


Now I am remembering who I was and what I wanted when I was young. And I spend my time writing and drawing. 


A rugged ranch outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is my home. The spectacular sunsets, ancient cliffs, and clear night skies inspire me. Picture books and mid-grade are my writing focus, and my illustrations emphasize storytelling in traditional mediums mixed with digital work. An active member of SCBWI New Mexico, I am also a member of Julie Hedlund’s 12x12 Picture Book Challenge and have graduated from Reneé LaTulippe’s Lyrical Language Lab. 


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