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about me

As a person who loves to learn and create, I've always had an interest in children's literature. Throughout my life, the picture book form, with the dance between image and words, has captivated me. I know of no other medium with the possibility to tell two subversive stories in partnership with the drama of the page turn. 


Humor, quirky chararcters, language, and irony are featured in my picture book manuscripts. My illustrations emphasize storytelling in traditional mediums mixed with digital work. SCBWI New Mexico and El Paso's Assistant Regional Advisor, I am also a gold member of Julie Hedlund’s 12x12 Picture Book Challenge, enjoy yearly Inktober and have completed Reneé LaTulippe’s Lyrical Language Lab. 

My previous career was in graphic design and marketing. Now, a rugged ranch outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is my home. The spectacular sunsets, ancient cliffs, and clear night skies speak to me. I share this space with my husband, two kids, two cats, horses, coyotes, owls and hawks. 

This is my home south of Santa Fe, New Mexico

photo copyright Chris Corrie 2022

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