Do I love to write?

You bet. I have a backlog of picture book manuscripts, poems and the beginning of a mid-grade novel. 

Where the Sun Goes Down

What happens in the land where the sun goes down…a place where time stands still and it is always day? Come with me. Let's chase the sun as it sinks low in the cherry blossom sky. A snugly bedtime fantasy book to help little ones say goodnight to the sun. 260 words

Melba, the Elegant Bat

Melba knows all about proper grooming, personal wing-space and fancy table manners. Her colony, however, crowds and pokes and screeches and gobbles. She plans a ball, an elegant affair...but invitations will only be made to bats who first pass Melba's etiquette classes. 625 words

Pita's New Amiga


Co-authored by Marisol Cardenas. Pita, a recent immigrant from Mexico, struggles to understand the bizarre behavior of the English-speaking girl next door. 599 words.

We Ride Down to the Ranch

A story from my heart and experience, this is a lyrical journey through an autumn day with family on a Santa Fe apple ranch.  730 words

Skunk Cake

Millicent loves delicious scents, but her neighbors avoid her and her smelly tail. She teaches herself to bake cake with fragrant aromas. Will her cakes attract the neighbors? 580 words

Preschool Let's Play!

PRESCHOOL LET'S PLAY is a bright board book to help children transition into preschool or day care. The text is fun and comforting. The images are colorful and easy for a preschooler to understand. 167 words.

The After Christmas Blues


A hilarious look at the melancholy that sets in during the days after a big holiday, THE AFTER CHRISTMAS BLUES follows a child who feels let down after all of the build up to the big holiday. The story touches on universal feelings about leftovers, the wrapping paper mess and taking down decorations. 599 words.


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